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You might not know our name. But you know what we’re made of.

For over a century, Claytan has been manufacturing and supplying the highest quality ceramicware to connoisseurs around the world. Our brand is built on the three pillars of purity, durability, and trust.


From our humble beginnings, three generations of the Tan family have built the Claytan business to a worldwide network in 35 countries. We are unique in our ability to meet any order from anywhere. While our competitors demand large consignments to make cost savings, we are set up to service a single restaurant, a major international airport, or a major worldwide hotel chain.


Learn why Claytan’s ceramics inspire trust through its rich history 

An expression of purity

Cutting-edge technology meets ancient craftsmanship with our wide range of products. All our ceramicware is manufactured to the highest international standards. Our products show an attention to detail and a dedication to the craft that dates back more than a century.


Claytan is the brand behind many well known consumer brands. You will see our ceramicware with brands such as Caroma, McPherson’s, Thetford, Utopia, Janis, Lenox, Singapore Airlines, Marriott, and many more. While all of these brands are different, they all share an effectiveness and elegance that is the hallmark of Claytan’s dedication to our work.


An example of durability

When the late Mr. Tan Soon Heng founded the Claytan group in 1920 in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, he was already following a long family tradition. In those days we began manufacturing ceramic cups to collect the uncured rubber from tapped trees.


Today the business is still run by the Tan family. Being a family-owned business, we are focused on long-term relationships with our customers. We understand that you need a supplier who will be around for the long term and who understands business cycles beyond the next quarter or the next reporting season. We offer a continuity that none of our competitors can offer.


That’s why we say that Claytan products accompany you for life.


The epitome of trust

Find out why leading brands around the world trust Claytan for Hotelware, Dinnerware, Sanitary ware, Kitchenware and Clay Pipes.