Claytan: crafting a better life, for all humanity.


The greatest human treasure is a healthy and happy family. At Claytan, our purpose is to be a means for a better life, for all humanity.


Business is family. Whether we are talking about our company, our commercial partnerships, or the families that choose our products. All our clients and staff are treated with trust as honoured members of our family.


From the very beginning, Claytan has always been the means for a better life for our family. There are three levels of family to care for: our own (company), our clients, and all humanity. We are dedicated to all three.

Discover Our Passion for Sustainability!


We are a family business and believe that a healthy and happy family is the greatest human treasure. We seek to promote and support those same family values. Not only for our customers, but also for our employees and for people in need.


We strive to help families achieve their dream homes. We do this through the products and services we sell, and through charitable events and contributions.

People Family

Helping People In Need

We are a brand that cares about people. We have devoted ourselves to helping people in need. One example of how we do this is by contributing to local education development. We are also committed to sustaining the natural environment. We honor the dignity of all people while respecting the laws, customs, and values of the communities in which we operate.

Helping People In Need


Durability – Unbeatable craftsmanship, technology, and quality control.


Purity – The finest products and quality achieved through refined processes, sustainability-focused.


Trust – Honoured partnerships. Our clients are like family. Full cycle care and the highest respect.


Partnership – Design and innovation, coupled with dedicated communications and support.


Agility – Lean production process for scale, tailoring, and responsiveness.

We Value Our Customers

We value you, our customer. Earning and maintaining your trust is paramount to our operations and purpose. It is our honour to provide you with the highest quality ceramics that we can be proud to stand behind.


Innovation and agility has become central to our commercial partnerships. We treat these with the highest respect and strive to continually improve our processes.



For over a century, we’ve been refining our traditional craftsmanship. Perfecting it with technology, we produce purest ceramics that exceed normal quality standards.



An important part of those superior quality standards is durability. Through our craftsmanship, technology, and processes, we’re able to produce durable ceramics you can rely on. We’re continuously improving, refining, and innovating, to ensure the best for you.



We strive to earn and maintain your trust. Our values are how we deliver on this. Your delight with Claytan’s products is our greatest reward.

The epitome of trust

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